Switch Storage Solutions
The Reason


Deliver high quality, straightforward microgrids that are integral to reaching energy independence.

During the past decade, we at Switch Storage Solutions have seen first-hand, the significant growth and price deflation of the solar industry. This growth has put us on the tipping point of true energy independence. However, in order to reach energy independence, we will need to aggressively incorporate energy storage systems into the on and off grid infrastructure. Unfortunately, traditional energy storage systems are complex and expensive to install. Today at Switch, we offer microgrid systems that can be installed and commissioned in a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional system. The end result is a commercial grade, web monitored, Microgrid which has the same sophistication as large utility microgrid technologies.

Switch was founded to meet a growing need in the energy storage market for systems developed for small to medium commercial and large residential markets which can function as true a microgrid. Customers today require their storage systems to run an entire home or small business and not just a few key loads. With today’s technology and our manufacturing capabilities such a product is now available.

Who is Behind Switch?


Michael Seavey
President, Founder

Mike Seavey

Ryan O'Keefe
Board Member

Ryan O’Keefe

Daniel Hill
VP, Sales & Marketing

Daniel Hill