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The Switch Microgrid is a pre-engineered, pre-assembled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) fully integrated with a powerful and flexible control system.

What is a Microgrid?


A “microgrid” is a group of localized electricity sources and a control system that operate in unison to power a home or business. In the event of the loss of grid power, a microgrid will operate in a stand-alone or “islanded” mode to provide power during the outage.

With the increase of extreme weather events that cause power outages, the need for microgrid solutions is on the rise. This need coupled with price deflation in solar and batteries have put us at the tipping point of true energy independence. However, the high cost and complexity of installing traditional microgrid systems in the field has been an obstacle to the deployment of these technologies.

The Switch Microgrid can be installed and commissioned in a fraction of the time. The end result is a commercial grade, web monitored, energy storage system which has the same sophistication of larger utility microgrid technologies.

Switch is committed to offering a turnkey battery storage system which can be installed and running in one to two days. A fully-functioning microgrid is complicated and includes many components large and small. The main components include an inverter, batteries, transformer, controller, monitoring & CTs, disconnects, HVAC and a grid disconnect relay. The Switch Microgrid takes all of these components, assembles and wires them together, in a climate controlled enclosure with a fire suppression system. The pre-engineered, pre-tested Microgrid is then shipped to the job site for a straightforward integration into the building’s electrical system.

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The Switch Microgrid is assembled in a UL 508a shop in either a NEMA 1 enclosure for indoor installations or a NEMA 4 enclosure for outdoor installations with a fire suppression system as well as climate control.